What Size Lampshade Should I Get?

What Size Lampshade Should I Get?

You can't always take your lamp base with you on a lampshade shopping trip and if you're buying your lampshade online, you can't take Mr. Lampy at all.

So how do you know which size to buy?

There are some general rules for choosing a lampshade size:

  • For skinny bases the diameter of a lampshade should be the same as the height of the base.
  • For chunky, wide bases the diameter of a lampshade should be twice the width of the base as wide bases look 'heavy' and need a wider shade to look balanced.
  • The height of a lampshade should be 1/3 of the total height of the lamp and base combines. 
  • Floor lamps are generally tall enough to handle larger shades - 40cm to 60cm in diameter depending on the height of the floor lamp. 
  • Throw away the rules! If you think your shade/base combo looks great, go for it! It's your house!

Also, think about what your lamp is for - is it for reading or doing other crafty things? Consider a wider shade to allow more light to escape. Is your lamp purely for looks? A smaller shade will do the trick just fine!

If you're still not sure cut yourself some cardboard in the size of the lampshade you are thinking of buying and stick it to your lamp! Does it look too small? Get a bigger one! Does it look too big? Go smaller!

Like most things in decorating the rules are just guidelines...the most important thing is whether or not the lampshade you choose and the lamp base you choose give you the happy fuzzy feelings!

Happy fuzzies everyone x

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