The Origin Story

Glow&Co Lampshades NZ

The Year Was 2021...

Hi, it's me, Nancy! In 2021 I was working full-time as an early childhood teacher and upcycling furniture on the side. Most days the upcycling was more fun and there was definitely waaaaay less noise. But my studio (read: small, messy single garage in the backyard) wasn't really suitable for creating on this scale. And then came the plague of 2021. What was a girl to do?

Glow&Co Lampshades NZ

Thinking Hat: ON

I had to think of a manageable alternative. It had to be fun, creative and, preferably, it had to involve colour! Since I'd also been dabbling in upholstery I happened to have fabric all over the place...what else could I do with that? What could I make that was small enough to fit in my workspace, was still super fun to do and something that other people would get a kick out of, too?

Glow&Co Lampshades NZ

It Was Lampshades!

Small and covered in awesome fabrics? Eureka! I did some could line them in gold? You could make one lampshade with TWO different fabrics? Tassels??! I had found it - my new creative passion was born! There was, alas, a tiny problem...

Glow&Co Lampshades NZ

The Learning Curve

I had never made a lampshade before. So I learnt how. I watched videos and joined forums and read books. But most importantly, I made a lot of mistakes! They say one learn's from one's mistakes, right? Well, let's just say I learnt. A LOT. I wanted my lampshades to be PERFECT. I made and remade and made again. I called the time and cash I dropped on these mistakes 'product development' so I didn't feel so terrified of the time and cash I was dropping on these mistakes! But, eventually (toot toot), I nailed it.

Glow&Co The Classic: Cathulhu Lampshade

Ta-Da! Glow&Co!

Now I sell my lampshades online to you fine folk - people who love colour and pattern, just like me! People who get a kick out of the quirky and unique, people who want to have fun with their decor, people who enjoy the unexpected and love one-of-a-kind, just like me!

Glow&Co is currently my delightful side hustle while I work a full time job and keep my two kids alive but one day I hope to bring awesome lampshades to you guys all day, every day! Until then...

Massive thanks to all you wonderful people for supporting this maker and her lil' business. I sure do appreciate it x