Welcome to the blog. Lampshade says 'Hello!'

This May, Or May Not, Be A Blog

Hello all, and welcome to...my blog!

What on earth shall we talk about? I suspect I should be researching keywords or thinking thoughts about SEO or some such before I even attempt to write this thing but I don't believe I shall be doing any of that.

You see, Glow&Co the business is the creative extension of me, Nancy, the lampshade maker. Nancy the Lampshade Maker likes: making things, interesting words, fun patterns, terrible puns and quirky fabrics. I expect the Glow&Co blog will therefore inevitably evolve into some sort of messy mash up between all of those things!

Will there be interesting lighting related articles? Yes, that seems likely. Will there be little rambles about how life in the workshop is going and random photos of my dog? That, also, seems likely.

Would a marketing agency roll its eyes at the dubious value of this content in terms of 'good SEO'?


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