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Make Your Very Own Lampshade with Nancy!

Learn to make your very own 30cm diameter lampshade at one of our Lampshade Making Workshops!

We make a drum shade because it is a classic, yet modern shape that works with every style of house and with any style of fabric. You can make your shade for a lamp or to attach to a ceiling fitting.

Because the drum shade is so versatile, anyone can find the perfect spot in their home for a custom drum shade!

  • Glow&Co Pre-Cut PVC Panel (for 20cm lampshades)

    How to attach your fabric to your lampshade PVC (and why self-adhesive styrene is the best)

  • Glow&Co Lamp Shade Ring Set (50cm)

    How to prepare you lampshade rings for maximum stickiness

  • Glow&Co The Classic: Alien Abduction

    How to use a rolled edge tool to get a beautiful, professional looking rolled edge

  • Tips and tricks for making your lampshade look just like a bought one!

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As well as all the fun you'll have, at the end of our easy-to-follow lampshade making workshops you'll have a professionally finished, one-of-a-kind lampshade! You'll also have the knowledge you need to make more lampshades at home, easy-peasy.

All the supplies you need are provided - all you need to do is choose your own fabulous fabric! 1/2 a metre should be plenty :) 

You'll need a lightweight upholstery fabric or heavy domestic cotton.

If you need any help with your fabric choice just get in touch with Nancy at

Spaces are limited to four students.

Ready To Get Started?

The wonderful folk at Stripped Electrical have offered us a space at their workshop on Sheffield Street in Paraparaumu! Thanks guys! I can help you make a lampshade and they can fix your old lamp ;)