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Double-Sided Red TESA Tape (3m)

Double-Sided Red TESA Tape (3m)

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For making your own awesome lampshades you need a quality double-sided tape. Luckily, we stock TESA - the best tape for lampshade making!

This 9mm double-sided tape is super sticky! It will keep your lampshade rings exactly where you put them and your seams sealed shut.

TESA tape is:

  • made in Germany AKA top notch
  • super sticky
  • invisible under fabric
  • perfect for a professional finish

Your lampshade doesn't stand a chance without the right supplies. Don't risk a lampshade flop by using a cheaper tape. 

You'll cry, I'll cry. We'll all cry!

Get your hands on the tape we use at Glow&Co. We've used it over and over and it does it's job every time. You can trust TESA - we wouldn't use any other double-sided tape for making our lampshades.

The small 3m roll is enough for one fabulous lampshade.

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