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The Classic: Alien Abduction

The Classic: Alien Abduction

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Check out our alien abduction lampshade!

Ooh look...a quiet forest camping scene reminiscent of traditional British paintings...but aha! Gotcha! It's an alien abduction!

This forest scene features aliens standing in the bushes and beaming happy campers up into their spaceships - navy blue on a neutral background. Which one of your friends will notice the aliens first?

What's so awesome about our alien abduction lampshade?

  • it's hilarious
  • it has aliens on it
  • it looks traditional but...surprise!
  • it comes in four sizes
  • you can hang it or pop it on a lamp

Note: the 40cm & 50cm diameter shade requires two pieces of fabric to be joined. This creates a second seam. 

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More Info About Your Lampshade

Material Info

Our white and metallic PVC's are anti-yellowing, anti-static, UV stabilised and fire resistant and we use quality powder-coated steel rings sets imported from the UK so your shade will go the distance. Our shades come fitted with a E27/B22 adapter which means our UK made lampshade rings will fit a standard light fitting in New Zealand.

Sizing Details


Classic Drum


20cm diameter/ 18cm height

30cm diameter / 21cm height

40cm diameter / 24cm height

50cm diameter / 25cm height*


Standard E27 / B22

'Hanging' or 'Fixed'?

Select ‘hanging’ if you will be using your shade with a pendant cord or attaching it to a ceiling mounted batten light. Select ‘fixed’ if you will be using your shade on a lamp.

Our Rave or Return Policy

If you don't want to rave about your Glow&Co lampshade to everyone you know you can return it, no questions asked, for a full refund!