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Peek-A-Boo: Mr. Outdoorsy & Natural Linen Lampshade

Peek-A-Boo: Mr. Outdoorsy & Natural Linen Lampshade

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Why is this shade awesome?

  • it's HOT
  • it looks beige...but it's not!
  • it has sexy men on it...but they are hiding
  • it comes in four different sizes
  • you can hang it or pop it on a lamp

This shade features topless outdoorsy men in various manly poses! 

Note: The 50cm diameter shade requires two pieces of fabric to be joined. This creates a second seam. 

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More Info About Your Lampshade

Material Info

Our white and metallic PVC's are anti-yellowing, anti-static, UV stabilised and fire resistant and we use quality powder-coated steel rings sets imported from the UK so your shade will go the distance. Our shades come fitted with a E27/B22 adapter which means our UK made lampshade rings will fit a standard light fitting in New Zealand.

Sizing Details


Classic Drum


20cm diameter/ 18cm height

30cm diameter / 21cm height

40cm diameter / 24cm height

50cm diameter / 25cm height*


Standard E27 / B22

'Hanging' or 'Fixed'?

Select ‘hanging’ if you will be using your shade with a pendant cord or attaching it to a ceiling mounted batten light. Select ‘fixed’ if you will be using your shade on a lamp.

Our Rave or Return Policy

If you don't want to rave about your Glow&Co lampshade to everyone you know you can return it, no questions asked, for a full refund!